Friday, July 2, 2010

Floral, Animal, And Nature 2011 Calendars

2011 Calendars Are Ready

Sepia Flowers Nature Photography Calendar calendar
Sepia Flowers 2011 Calendar
Enjoy 12 months of my original flower photographs in sepia. Included are dogwood blossoms, roses, dahlias, Black Eyed Susan, lady slipper, zinnia, magnolia blossoms, peony, and bee balm

Wild Mushrooms Nature Photography Calendar calendar
Wild Mushrooms 2011 Calendar
I love wild mushrooms. In this calendar I have captured some very interesting specimens. There are vivid orange mushrooms, Indian Pipes (which are actually a forest wildflower that look like mushrooms), mushrooms growing on trees, and some oddly shaped mushrooms.

Gourds Pumpkins Autumn Nature Photography Calendar calendar
Gourds And Pumpkins 2011 Calendar
Enjoy 12 months of that New England autumn feeling. Included in this calendar are pumpkins, colorful and fancy gourds, and some nice giant gourds.

Nature And Animals Photography Calendar calendar
Some of my favorite photos 2011 Nature And Animals Calendar
This calendar is a selection of some of my favorite photographs and includes the dragonfly co pilot, cute llama, lovely praying mantis, serene wild Canadian geese, baby yellow cedar waxwing bird, a bullfrog admiring a water lily, a regal white swan, little ladybug on a dogwood flower, Monarch butterfly sitting on a flower, and more.

Intense Flowers Nature Photography Calendar calendar
Intense Flowers 2011 Calendar
Enjoy 12 months of my flower photography that I digitally enhanced for some dramatic images. Included are roses, Japanese Iris, mushroom, columbine, water lily, blue pansy, white daisy, blue flag iris, and peony

A Day At The Country Fair Photography Calendar calendar
A Day At The Fair 2011 Calendar
This calendar is filled with memories of a fun filled day at the county fair. Included are games, animals, carousel horses, rides, ribbon winning produce, and stuffed animal prizes

Bees And Things Nature Photography Calendar calendar
Bees And Things On Flowers Nature Photography 2011 Calendar
This calendar is filled with lovely little creatures who were pleased to pose for me and become famous in my calendar. Included is a lovely praying mantis on a sedum flower, Monarch butterfly, bumble bees and smaller bees, a ladybug, and beetles

Assorted Flowers Nature Photography Calendar calendar
2011 Calendar Of Flowers
Enjoy 12 months of floral beauty. Included are hibiscus, white azalea, colorful blanket flowers, delicate purple vervain, blue hydrangea, lilies, yellow primrose, African daisies, Japanese iris, lupine, and red gentian

Roses Flower Nature Photography Calendar calendar
2011 Calendar Of Roses
Roses are one of my favorite flowers to photograph. This calendar is a selection of red, white, yellow, pink, and peach roses in bloom and rosebuds. Many have lingering raindrops to add to their beauty.

Inspirational Affirmations Nature Calendar calendar
Take Time To Smell The Roses 2011 Inspirational Calendar
Enjoy 12 months of my animal and nature photography and digital art designs with inspirational and motivational quotes and messages. Included is this cute dalmation puppy smelling a lovely white rose with the message to Take time to smell the roses, a pretty little bluebird wintering over with the message May the bluebird of happiness always reside within you, a stunning full moon night sky with a bald eagle clutching the moon and the message Anything is possible, lovely wild Canada geese peacefully gliding in a secluded marsh with the affirmation Serenity, delicate purple wisteria flowers with a quote from Abraham Lincoln - Whatever you are, be a good one, and more

Flower Kaleidoscopes Photography Calendar calendar
Flower Kaleidoscopes 2011 Calendar
Enjoy 12 months of flower kaleidoscopes created from my original flower photographs. Included are roses, Black Eyed Susan, daisies, peony, clematis, and dahlias

Digital Art Flowers Things Photography Calendar calendar
Digital Art Flowers And Things Photography 2011 Calendar
This calendar is a collection of some of my original photographs digitally enhanced for some great digital art images. Included are lady slippers, hibiscus, a swan, roses, carousel horse, lilies, and butterflies

Digital Art Charcoal Pencil Drawings Calendar calendar
Digital Art Charcoal And Pencil Drawings 2011 Calendar
One of my biggest frustrations in my creative life is that I have never been artistically inclined. Try as I might, I cannot draw or paint. To my delight I discovered that with the technology of digital art programs, I can turn my original photographs into works of art. In this calendar you will find this lovely crowing rooster, a charming garden cottage, carousel horse, roses, vine ripe tomatoes, pumpkins, a butterfly, and more.

Lady Slippers Flower Photography Calendar calendar
Lovely Ladies Lady Slippers 2011 Calendar
This is one of my favorite collections. Lovely elusive ladies of the forest - lady slipper flowers. They are a member of the orchid family, and can be quite difficult to find in the wild. In this calendar you will find white, pink, and yellow lady slippers. If you enjoy these beauties, you will love this calendar

Greyhounds I Have Loved Dog Calendar calendar
Greyhounds I Have Loved 2011 Calendar
Greyhounds are one of the loveliest and most forgiving creatures I have met. I was a retired racing greyhound placement rep for 2 years and I was always inspired by their gentleness and love for life. These wonderful creatures had lived very structured lives in crates without much personal love, lives most dog breeds would never survive, and when taken into a home are just the most delightful and loving dogs and couch potatoes. I, myself have owned several as well as fostering and placing many. This calendar is a tribute to my very special best friends.

Colored Flowers Photography Calendar calendar
Flowers Of A Different Color 2011 Calendar
Again, with the magic of digital programs, this calendar is a collection of my original photographs digitally altered to create some very colorful flowers. Included are roses, daisies, primrose, hibiscus, Black Eyed Susan, lilies, hydrangea, and more

Halloween All Year Long Calendar calendar
Halloween All Year Long 2011 Calendar
This is a calendar for everyone who believes Halloween is THE major holiday of the year. A collection of my Halloween designs. Included are skeletons, ghosts, Jack O Lanterns, goblins, monsters, and more

Christmas Holiday All Year Long Festive Calendar calendar
Christmas Holidays All Year Long 2011 Calendar
This is a calendar for anyone who wants to keep the Christmas Holiday spirit all year long. A collection of my Christmas Holiday designs

All of the images in my calendars are also available on cards, invitations, T shirts, mugs, tote bags, posters, Keds sneakers, Avery binders, and many more gifts and products. As always, if you see an image or design that I have not yet put on a product you would like, please contact me and I will be happy to create it for you.