Monday, June 8, 2009

Car Art Flower And Nature Bumper Stickers

Grasshopper On Azalea Nature Photo Bumper Sticker bumpersticker

I just discovered another delightful and inexpensive way to share my flower and nature photography - Car Art - flower and nature bumper stickers. I haven't made many bumper stickers because I'm not that creative with coming up with something to say. But then I thought, why not just the pictures and no words - just art. Just have something pretty for people to stare at during those long waits at traffic lights. Might just make someone smile and take them out of their hectic state of mind. I also do have some made with words and sayings. Please do check them out at my gallery at Zazzle.

Here's a few I already have available. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.

White Dogwood Flower Photo Bumper Sticker bumperstickerCanadian Goose Babies Nature Photo Bumper Sticker bumperstickerOrange Roses Flower Photo Bumper Sticker bumperstickerWhite Hibiscus Flower Photo Bumper Sticker bumperstickerOrange Mushrooms Nature Photo Bumper Sticker bumperstickerPurple Rose Flower Photo Bumper Sticker bumperstickerWhite Pink Blossoms Flower Photo Bumper Sticker bumpersticker