Monday, June 1, 2009

I Rescued A Bird Today

Today's entry has nothing to do with me trying to sell my work. I had an experience this morning while walking my dog that filled me with such joy that I was there to make a difference. If nothing else happens today, I now at least feel I contributed something to the world and life for the day, and I feel the need to share it.

Shane and I were walking by our usual pond at the gravel pit. I heard fluttering in the water near the shore in the reeds. Sure enough, a starling was entangled in fishing line someone had thoughtlessly left behind and would surely drown. Luckily there was a tree nearby, so I tied Shane up so he wouldn't add to the poor bird's anxiety. I quietly talked to the bird, as I could see the fear in his eyes. I gently scooped him out of the water and held him in my hands. He seemed to immediately sense that I was there to help him and quietly stayed in my hands while I worked to untangle the line. As soon as I was finished though and released my grasp, he was more than happy to fly off - very wet, but otherwise fine. The other amazing thing to me was that Shane, who thinks the world centers around him, just quietly sat tied by the tree and watched me. Normally, he would be pulling an extreme hissy fit because he couldn't be right there with me.

I get so angry that so many people who fish, leave their trash and the worst thing, their fishing line behind to become slow death traps to many creatures. If they enjoy being out in nature, I wish they would have the decency to respect what they are enjoying, and leave the place clean and safe for everyone who lives there. Anyone who reads this, if you know people who fish, please urge them to make sure they do not leave behind their fishing line, hooks, and other trash that does endanger the wildlife living there. Because I do nature and wildlife photography, I am out and about and see so much human thoughtlessness and carelessness about the environment and total lack of respect for that which they are enjoying, it often makes me cry.