Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personalized And Customized Greeting Cards And Invitations

Personalize and customize your greeting and note cards for that special, personal touch. Choose your favorite image from my collection of flower, nature, and wildlife photos, and create a memory for that special person. Or create that special party, bridal, wedding, or baby shower invitation. Matching postage stamps are available. If you would like me to design an invitation, please contact me, and I will be happy to create it for you to purchase.

I have two stores where you can purchase cards and invitations to personalize and customize. My shop at Greeting Card Universe is cards only, and I have many more images on cards that are not available in my Zazzle gallery. In my Zazzle gallery, all of my images are also available on mugs, T shirts, tote bags, magnets, postcards, keychains, and more, which you can also personalize.

For those of you who are not "techno savvy" (like I was myself not too long ago, and still have a long way to go), I will write some simple instructions here about how to use the editors on each site so you can create your own personal cards and messages. If you have any problems or special requests, please feel free to contact me.

Greeting Card Universe

In this shop, there is less creative flexibility because you cannot add text to the front of the card. You can, however, create the card and have it mailed directly to the recipient for the regular cost of a postage stamp. If you prefer to purchase from this store and would like text on the front of a card, please contact me and I can create it for you.

To add text to the inside of the card:

  1. Click "Personalize Card"
  2. Now you have the option to add text to the top inside, the bottom inside, and a closing. The instructions are the same for each part of the card you are personalizing.
  3. Click on the section you wish to add text to. A box will pop up where you can select your font color, whether you would like the text centered, or left or right side aligned, font style, and font size.
  4. Simply click your choice on each option.
  5. Now click on the empty space of the card and type in your text and click "Save".
  6. It will take a few seconds to generate your card, and then you can see what you have created. If you would like to make any changes, simply click again on that section and edit to your hearts content. There is even a spell check feature you can use.
  7. Once everything looks the way you would like, click on "I approve the inside preview of my card" and then click on "Next Step".
  8. From here on will be the ordering process for your personal card, just follow the directions.

Zazzle Gallery

In my Zazzle gallery, you have a lot more options. You can add or change any text on any item. In this store, you can add text to the front of all cards, to really create a personal message. After you have chosen your favorite image, you can either start from scratch with one of my blank note cards, or choose a card that already has text on it and change the text to your personal preferences.

  1. First choose the size card - either greeting or note card size.
  2. Click on "Customize it".
  3. If you are starting with a blank card and want to add text to the front, click on "Add text". If you are using a card with text already on it, click "Change text".
  4. A box will pop up - just type in the text you would like and then click "OK".
  5. Here is where I really LOVE Zazzle - you have a lot of creative choices now. You can place the text anywhere on the card, choose your font style, size, and color. The following instructions are the same if you have started from scratch or are editing existing text.
  6. Font - click on the font bar - it may take a few seconds for the box to pop up. Then click on your choice. It will immediately show on the card, if you like it, then click on "Close". If you would like to see what another font looks like, simply choose another font. Keep doing this until you have a font you like and click "Close".
  7. Font Size - to change the font size go to the box with the number in it. You can either increase or decrease the size by simply hitting the + or - signs.
  8. Text Color - to change the text color, click on the colored box and a color selection box will open up. Simply click on the color of your choice.
  9. Text Placement - you can put the text anywhere on the card. Simply go to the image of the card and click on the text. A box will appear around the text, and using your mouse, just move it around to where you would like it.
  10. Use these same instructions to place text on the inside top and bottom of the card.
  11. You will notice a dotted outline on the cards, this is the "safe" area for any customization you might do. To print properly, BE SURE your text is always within these borders.
  12. Once the card looks they way you want it, just click on "Add to cart" to purchase it.

It really is fun to do and can become quite addictive!! And now you have messages and greetings that are personal to the person you are giving the card to. I hope this will help you discover a whole new way of purchasing your greeting cards - Have Fun!

If you need help designing invitations (they can be a little tricky), please contact me and I will be happy to design it for you to purchase.