Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unique Flower Nature Photography Profile Business Cards

I love to take pictures! It is such a mystical experience for me at times to see something and try to capture that through a camera. And while all of that is great fun, it loses a lot if I'm the only one who ever looks at it. I am so delighted to be able to offer my photography and digital art images on profile and business cards at my gallery Smilin' Eyes Treasures Photography at Zazzle. It is a wonderful way to be able to share my work, as well as offering unique and different profile and business cards for people to use.

My main focus is flowers and nature, but I also have wildlife, objects, scenery, and I am beginning to delve into the world of digital art using my original photo images. I have set up the cards as a template where you can just fill in your information. You can then completely customize the card by adding, changing, or deleting any text as well as changing background colors, font sizes, styles, and colors. Make it truly your own. On many cards I have the full size image from the front on the back of the card. I can remove that for you if you would like to add text to the back. If you are having trouble editing or have any special requests, please contact me through the Send Message on my homepage, and I will be happy to assist you.

Because I have so many photographs and digital creations, I will be routinely adding to and expanding my line. Here are some samples of cards that are available. I hope you enjoy them!

Purple Rose Flower Profile Business Card profilecardWild Canada Geese Nature Profile Business Card profilecardPeach Rosebud Flower Profile Business Card profilecardRock Quarry Wall #2 Nature Profile Business Card profilecardDaisies Flower Kaleidoscope Profile Business Card profilecardMonarch Butterfly Nature Profile Business Card profilecardDigital Art #1 Patterns Profile Business Card profilecardWaxwing In Winter Nature Profile Business Card profilecardFull Moon Clouds Nature Profile Business Card profilecardYellow Daisy Flower Profile Business Card profilecardCarousel Horse Photo Profile Business Card profilecardYellow Rubber Ducks Photo Profile Business Card profilecardWaterfall Rocks Nature Profile Business Card profilecardLlama Animal Nature Photo Profile Business Card profilecardGreyhound Puppy Animal Profile Business Card profilecardPuppy And White Rose Flower Profile Business profilecardGreyhound And Heart Animal Profile Business Card profilecardPink Zinnias Flower Profile Business Card profilecardPink Tulips Flower Profile Busines Card profilecardWhite Peony Flower Profile Business Card profilecardOrange Mushrooms Nature Profile Business Card profilecardPink African Daisies Flower Profile Business Card profilecard

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