Thursday, October 30, 2008

2009 Flower And Nature Calendars

I have so many images yet to work on and make available. However, I was able to put together a few calendars, each one centering on a theme. This calendar includes this wonderful dragonfly who appeared to be playing co pilot to this poor wingless lawn ornament. I saw him there one day sunning himself, and the whole scene just made me burst out laughing. This calendar also contains a picture of a praying mantis on a sedum flower, a very, very cute llama, some wild Canadian geese in a pond, an adorable baby yellow cedar waxwing, another dragonfly close-up, a cute frog admiring a water lily, a close up of a swan's face, and more.

Another calendar is 12 months of roses. A different rose to enjoy each month.

Another calendar features 12 assorted flowers including a close up of a gorgeous hibiscus, great laurel, blanket flowers, wild purple vervain, soft blue hydrangea, daylilies, japanese iris, lupine, gentian, african daisies, and more.

I also like to digitally enhance images for a more dramatic effect. I have a calendar devoted entirely to just that and it includes images of roses, mushrooms, Japanese iris, columbine, pansy, water lily, a daisy, blue flag iris, and more.

A lot of my photographs captured a bee, butterfly, or some other critter along with the flower. I created a calendar with that theme which includes the praying mantis, bumble bees, butterfly, ladybug, a beetle, and other bees.

I am fascinated with wild mushrooms, so naturally I created a mushrooms calendar. There are a couple of wonderful shots of Indian pipe mushroom, some stunning orange red mushrooms, as well as interesting brown mushrooms.

And if you like gourds and pumpkins, and that classic New England autumn feeling all year long, I also have a calendar for that.

To see more of my images, please visit my store Smilin' Eyes Treasures. I hope you enjoy them!

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